Quality Policy



The quality policy of GICODA S.L seek integrate inside of the management of the quality under the rule UNE-EN-ISO 9001, in a way of culture to evolve toward of external and internal customer satisfactions, exceeding the expectatives whenever possible.and omproving the services provided, reduction of errors and the strict control of the internal process of GICODA S.L in detail:

1. The quality policy of GICODA S.L offer a provide services with the hisgest order to our customers based in:

  • An strict control of the quality of our internal processes and the external suppliers.
  • Analsys and continuous product improvement.
  • Promoting the awareness and oriented towards at the service of our clients.

2. Improve trough the participation of all the company members an effective system of quality control.

3. Prevent to the extent possible failures before they happen and manage the ricks.

4. To provide an appropriate trainning of personnel to organized the activitieswith the standars of quality.

5. Fulfilment of customers requirements, legal requisites and requirements applicable.

6.Continued review of the system's revision for continuous improvement.

7. Keep a constant touch with our customers considering their suggestions, complaints and claims as an essential tool for improving quality of service.

8. Promote the suppliers relationship key contacts for the company mantaining control inside of our quality system.


The business management communicate internal and externally the quality policy understood implanted and manteined by in all levels of the organization.


Michael Kienzler