History of Gicoda

Gicoda S.L. was founded in 1992, chiefly to commercialise fans and their accessories at a time when electronics were becoming increasingly established in the Iberian Peninsula. This prompted a need for a specialist in industrial ventilation to provide solutions to problems of active dissipation.
From the very first day, Gicoda has prioritised the needs of its potential customers and has therefore created an extensive portfolio that has grown non-stop over time.
Collaboration with SUNON, our leading supplier that we represent in Spain and Portugal, today remains as firm as ever. In addition to axial fans and their accessories, SUNON has always been one step ahead of others, with developments such as active and passive ventilation for LED lighting, and the double flow ventilation kit for airing rooms, etc. However, we have not stood still with just one supplier and a single ventilation technology. 
FERGAS, leader in the manufacture of centrifugal impellers and tangential fans, was our subsequent supplier. Since 2002, we have been the official agent of this Swedish enterprise, a company now present worldwide with bases and factories in Europe, China and the United States. 
MICROMOTORS decided in 2009 that GICODA was the ideal partner to champion its interests in the Iberian Peninsula. This company’s DC reduction motors are of an extraordinary quality and precision, while the company also offers highly flexible design and supply. 
In late 2010, we became representatives of KARL KLEIN, a German manufacturer of radial fans. They are specialists in the manufacture of special high-quality fans and can provide any design suitable for rail applications, ATEX environments, extreme environments and applications in the food industry and other sectors. 
In 2013 we were appointed distributors of HIDRIA, a Slovenian manufacturer of large axial fans. Hidria appeared on the scene with a complete range of models, all of which comply with European Directive 2009/125, better known as ErP 2015. 
Currently several manufacturers confide in Gicoda to represent them in both Spain and Portugal.
It is not only GICODA’s figures that have grown; it also now operates throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Its commercial network covers every corner, both through its own sales representatives and our distributors who accompany us on the impressive endeavour for excellence.
The future and past of the company indicate how right we were to become a specialist and benchmark in the field of industrial ventilation. We certainly intend to remain on this path and therefore remain convinced that 




Company Principles

LISTENING to customer needs. PROVIDING an excellent service. HAVING the best products. DEVELOPING new ideas to meet the market’s needs and requirements and enjoying the benefits of a GREAT PROFESSIONAL TEAM; this is how Gicoda has positioned itself as a benchmark in the distribution of components for ventilation.
A broad range of products and a host of alternatives in the industrial ventilation, motorisation and dissipation sector are the result of 23 years’ constant growth and an understanding of our customers and of their future needs. On account of their high technological quality, competitive price and constant alignment with market requirements, the solutions provided by the Gicoda team allow its customers to remain one step ahead of their competitors.



Awards and recognition

Over these years Gicoda S.L. has positioned itself as a leader in industrial ventilation sector. Both customers and suppliers have acknowledged our work and therefore bestowed a series of awards on the company.



Our brands

Gicoda supplies the products of the best Spanish and international brands so it can offer top-quality products to cover your needs. Some of the different brands we represent are listed below.