Gicoda S.L. has evolved along with its customers to create a mutually beneficial source of competitive advantage. Researching and working together in search of excellence has given us a competitive advantage over competitors.
This quest for Constant Improvement, together with our extensive range of products and services, means that Gicoda S.L. can adapt to the specific needs and characteristics of each country in which we operate.


Quality is one of the maxims of the philosophy of Gicoda S.L. In order to guarantee quality in our products, Gicoda S.L. therefore runs quality checks both of our suppliers and of the products we manufacture/customise at our facilities.

This quality, which is officially guaranteed by ISO9001: 2000 certification, an acknowledgement we have held for over 12 years, gives us the confidence to offer the best product to every Gicoda S.L. customer.


The work of Gicoda S.L. is based on environmental sensitivity; as well as offering an extensive range of products that comply with the ErP Directive, Gicoda S.L. also strives to make its industrial work as efficient and environmentally-friendly as possible.

Projects to eliminate written documentation by incorporating document management systems within its ERP and CRM and its use of recycled paper are just two examples of the care Gicoda S.L. takes of the environment.

Distribution and logistic

Gicoda S.L. provides differential value as it guarantees customers a faster supply of the products they need. To do so, it has both a central warehouse, from which it distributes products throughout the Iberian Peninsula, and also several intermediate supply points with which to meet customer demand. In addition, Gicoda S.L. regularly reviews both delivery service quality and the companies it hires to perform this task, in order to identify areas for improvement and thus to continue improving its distribution capacity.


Innovación/Know - How

Desde su creación en 1992, Gicoda ha ido buscando y aplicando todo el conocimiento tecnológico en sus productos. Por ello el know-how ha estado formando parte de la esencia de Gicoda.

Las variaciones tecnológicas de los ventiladores AC, de los DC y actualmente la innovación en EC, pasando por los nuevos productos de disipación activa o pasiva que están marcando un hito en la tecnología de la iluminación son ejemplos del constante involucro en la tecnología y el conocimiento que van ligados al día a día de Gicoda.